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"Kim is an excellent, compassionate attorney who puts her clients first. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have in my corner if I were charged with a crime."

Samuel F

"Kimberley is strong and zealous advocate for her clients and a credit to the legal profession. Kimberley is also known for her professionalism, and high ethical standards. I often recommend her to my clients, family and friends without any reservation."

Amsale A

"She helped me understand what was going on at all times, and made sure that I knew what kind of situation I was in. For the entire duration of the issue, Kimberly was a wonderful guidance and friend, more than anything else. I would definitely recommend her as a lawyer for anyone looking for a positive experience!!"

Chi S

"She always responds to my emails right away and is VERY supportive. My experience was great and she stopped me on numerous occasions from having a nervous breakdown. I really love her and if you're looking for a lawyer you can trust look no further."

Nicole M

"For many years, Kim was known as one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated public defenders in King County. Now in private practice, her clients will reap the benefits of her broad experience, compassion, and skill. I highly endorse this lawyer."

Cathleen G

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"Kim is a client centered and a hard working attorney. She is known as an excellent trial lawyer who will fight to make sure her clients get the right result."

- Attorney Travis S.

Practice Areas

Having represented hundreds of clients in these serious matters and conducted jury trials in most every type of felony case, I have the skill and experience you need.

Felony Offenses

I have effectively represented hundreds of clients against allegations involving family members by conducting thorough investigations, negotiations, and jury trials.

Domestic Violence

Children and their families deserve special attention in the criminal justice system. I bring care and sensitivity to kids I represent in juvenile court and the adult system.


These allegations are extremely troubling for my clients to face. I bring sensitivity as well as effective defense strategies to my representation in these types of cases.

Sex Offenses

These are upsetting charges to face. They also carry the possibility of severe penalties. I bring a wealth of knowledge, skill and sympathy to the representation of my clients.

Child Abuse

These charges carry potentially significant consequences. I have successfully defended hundreds of clients in a wide range of drug-related offenses.

Drug Offenses

I have represented hundreds of people charged with various misdemeanor offenses and have also conducted jury and bench trials in nearly every type of misdemeanor.

Misdemeanor Offenses

Many clients I represent face the burden of potential immigration consequences as a result of charges filed. I do everything I can to minimize the consequences for my clients.

Immigration Issues

I help clients with prior convictions overcome the stigma and hardship by petitioning for reinstatement of rights, lifting of registration requirements and vacating convictions.

Restoration of Rights/Vacating Convictions/Deregistration

My Perspective

If you are accused of committing a crime, you are likely in the midst of a stressful, often frightening and upsetting experience in your life.  You have either been wrongfully accused of criminal behavior or you have made missteps that have resulted in criminal allegations.  In either situation, my approach is to meet you where you are regardless of the allegations and any personal obstacles you may face.

My belief is that people should neither suffer injustice nor be defined by their mistakes.   As a result, I strive to form relationships with my clients based on the mutual respect, honesty and trust that will allow us to effectively and confidently confront the challenges ahead.

Pursuing Your Goals

I bear in mind that this is your case and you will make the ultimate decisions about how to resolve it.  My role is to draw on my expertise to advise you on the law, represent your legal interests, and to make strategic decisions about how to best pursue the resolution you desire.  I will also direct the work of investigators and other defense experts, as well as secure the services of interpreters or translators when needed.

Initial Meeting

When we first meet, I seek to offer you a realistic case assessment based on all available information.  I will listen to what you have to say about the case and then explain the relevant law, possible defenses, your options, and any potential consequences.  Most importantly, I will offer hope for achieving the best possible result.

This process usually requires about an hour of conversation either over the phone or in person.  I am happy to offer this service free of charge.  Once we’ve spoken you can decide whether you wish to retain me to represent you.  I accept cash, debit cards and either Visa or Mastercard as payment methods.


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